School Dates

Family/Crossroads DTS

 2022 Dates: 
First Semester:
7 February 2022 Lecture phase
 29 April 2022 Outreach phase
Second Semester: 
1st August 2022 Lecture Phase
22nd October Outreach Phase

2023 Dates:
6 February 2023 Lecture Phase
28 April 2023 Outreach Phase

Family Ministry School (FMS) and Family Foundations School (FFS)

6 February 2023 Lecture Phase

28 April 2023 Outreach Phase


What is a Discipleship Training School? (DTS)

The Discipleship Training School (DTS) is the entry level school into YWAM. It is an intensive course of 5 to 6 months that has been offered by YWAM for over 40 years now, in many countries of the world. The program aims at helping you "To know God and make Him known", by being transformed in character and relationships into the image of Jesus, as you develop your daily walk with God.

Youth with A Mission (YWAM) DTS's are a standardised course throughout New Zealand and the world. The Course is designed to train Christians to be, and make, disciples of Jesus Christ. To achieve this goal, four main aims are emphasised on the DTS:

  • Knowing God as a Christian - To provide the student with an overview of the character and nature of God and the characteristics and responsibilities of the Christian worker.
  • Mandate of the Christian - To equip the student with a clear vision of the essence of the great Commission and their role and responsibility to fulfil that mandate.
  • Methods of the Christian - To provide the student with methods for contributing to the fulfilment of the Great Commission and the opportunity to gain experience using some of those methods to share the gospel with others.
  • Character of the Christian - To provide the student with opportunities to understand their own character and its development and how the student relates with others.

The School is a live-in course composed of two parts consisting of 12 weeks of Lecture Phase and an 8 week Field Assignment (outreach). The Lecture Phase is held at the YWAM Matamata/Family Ministries base. Both national and international speakers and DTS staff teach in the Lecture Phase.

The Field Assignment (also referred to as the "Outreach") follows the Lecture Phase, and is usually off base, in NZ or overseas. It is regarded as a vital part of the training programme when the students put to practice and live out what they have learned. We try to provide several outreach options and ask students to pray about which one they should participate in. Our main area of focus is the South Pacific and Asia as well as New Zealand. Outreach destinations and options typically are not finalized until a few weeks into the school. The focus of outreach is evangelism, service and mercy ministry.

Family/Crossroads DTS

We run a Family/Crossroads DTS for couples, families, solo parents and singles. It is held from July to December each year, with a family emphasis for those who want to be with families. The focus is on the students going deeper with God in a family friendly environment.

Family Ministry School (FMS)

"Your people will rebuild the ancient ruins, and will raise up the age-old foundations; you will be called Repairer of Broken Walls, Restorer of Streets with Dwellings." Isaiah 58:12
The Family Ministries School (FMS) is a second level school for students who have completed a DTS. It introduces students to the Biblical foundations of marriage and family life. It has been designed to give spiritual and practical training in ministering to families and targets five major themes related to effective ministry to families:

  1. The Biblical model of family
  2. God's design for marriage
  3. Godly parenting
  4. Christian family counseling principles
  5. The role of the family in ministry
This 12-24 week course (dependent on an optional 8-12 week Field Assignment) starts in January each year for couples, families, solo parents and singles, who sense a call of God on their lives to help restore family life to God's intended pattern. Students can anticipate growth and development in their personal lives, in their families and in their ability to minister to other families.

Family Foundation School FFS

The Family Foundation School FFS is run alongside our FMS school. It aims to equip students with the means to disciple families through the knowledge and skill obtained in the course. It will cover topics such as genograms, mentoring and coaching, parenting, marriage relationship and much more. Contact us for more info.

Example Daily Schedule for FMS & Family/CrossroadsDTS

An example of a daily schedule may look something like this (subject to change):

6 amMorning prayer time in Seminar Room (Optional)
7 amBreakfast with families in units
8:30 amWorship & Intercession Times. Children in Creche or Baseschool.
9:30 amLectures
10:45 -11 amBreak
12:30 pmLunch
2- 3:15 pmAfternoon Programme/Work Duties. Children in Creche or Baseschool.
5:30 pmDinner.
6:30 pmFamily Devotion Times
7:30 pmFree time to work on assignments / Community Open Meeting / Ministry Night
Testimonials - Simeon & Rianne - Netherlands"FMS was life changing! Living here brought so much peace. Having real quality time with our family, awesome staff, inspiring teachers. And not to forget, not having to think about what to eat for dinner for 3 months :) Enjoying the food"

Simeon & Rianne - Netherlands

"FMS was life changing! Living here brought so much peace. Having real quality time with our family, awesome staff, inspiring teachers. And not to forget, not having to think about what to eat for dinner for 3 months :) Enjoying the food"

School Fees for FMS & Family/Crossroads DTS

(in New Zealand Dollars)

IMPORTANT: You will receive an invoice upon arrival. We do not recommend that you pay all your school fees ahead of time as you will need to show you have sufficient funds in your bank account to enter the country. However you will need to pay a non-refundable $500 room deposit 30 days before your arrival to secure your room. (This is part of your total fees).

Lecture Phase Fees:

(Please be aware: Due to the rising food, inflation and fuel costs we are having to make the decision to put our fees up in order to keep running the schools to our high standards. As of Jan 2023 our fees for all students will be going up to $5300.00 NZD for adults and children fees will be going up by $100 per child)

$5,000.00 NZ per student Until the end of 2022. 
(covers Lecture fees, food, 12 weeks accommodation and administration fee)

U of N Fee: If you want to be registered for your course with the University of the Nations each student will need to pay $50NZD. This is optional, but if you want to further study or staff with YWAM you will need to be registered. (This is to be paid on the first week of the course, separate to other fees)

Prices for Children:

(covers base school/creche, food, accommodation)

  • $1600.00 for 10 to 18 Years (while still at school)
  • $1200.00 for 2 to 9 Years
  • $800.00 for 6 months to under 2 Years
  • $400.00 for under 6 months

Outreach Phase Fees:

$3500-4500 NZ per student—
varies depending upon location
(covers airfare & ground fees--transportation, accommodation, and food)

Please Note:

  • Accommodation before and/or after the school dates will be an extra cost ie. the week of debrief and graduation after outreach will be an extra cost for the week.
  • All prices in New Zealand Dollars
  • Goods and Sales Tax (GST) is included and has to be paid by both New Zealand and Overseas students
Students are ALSO responsible for:
  • international airfares to & from New Zealand to attend the Schools
  • personal expenses during the Schools
  • personal travel & expenses for weekends off & free time
  • costs for communications — postage, telephone & internet
  • Church on Sundays including Love Offerings
  • Any special food
  • and other incidental expenses (e.g. laundry/dry cleaning) that are not included in the fees


We REQUIRE overseas students to obtain travel/health insurance covering the period of the school and field assignment before they arrive at the School. Family Ministries NZ will not be responsible for any medical cost incurred by students. You are not entitled to publicly funded health services while in New Zealand unless you;
  • are a resident or citizen of Australia
  • or are a national of the United Kingdom in NZ
  • or hold a temporary work permit that is valid for two years or more
Your travel agent should be able to advise you as to what is appropriate.

Check out our promo video for FMS above

Bank to bank telegraphic transfer*

Bank Name: ANZ Banking Group (New Zealand) Ltd.

Branch: Matamata Branch (060361), New Zealand 

Account number: 010242-0026545-50

Account name: Family Ministries NZ - Student Trust Fund

Swift code: ANZBNZ22

Address: ANZ Bank, 60 Broadway Matamata WAIKATO 3400

*Please note that ANZ charges a fee of NZ$20. They will deduct this from the amount you send before it is credited to our account.

How to Apply

If you would like to apply for a school, please use the form below to get an application form. 

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